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Cultivate Conversations with Dream Spirits

One type of dream, which is very magical, is when spirits or some unknown persons in the dream provide either useful personal advice or global information that you could use for a positive impact. Dream advice is free advice, so no payment is necessary to psychologists or life coaches. And who could know you and care for you more than your subconscious or higher self. You can inspire dreams like this by stating out loud a question you want answered before you fall asleep at night.

Sometimes the advice is spoken to you by people who are unknown to you. You may over time recognize the same wise people appearing in your dreams. If these people talk to you through a car window, building window or on a telephone, that is usually a sign that they’re communicating to you from another dimension.
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Dating – Getting information from Dreams

Fun Dreams about Future Dating

I think a lot of us would like advanced warning about future dating. Some of the most fun I’ve had from dream dating is when the dreams reveal new men I will be dating, before I’ve met them in real life.

Here are five interesting examples:

1. I had a dream I was dating a man whose name was Shaun. He had short light hair and a job in the entertainment industry. Somehow, I poked my neck and had a thread going inside it which caught the back of my throat with a hook that hurt.

The reality =  Ten months after having that dream, I met and dated a man with that name and description. He was a musician that put on puppet shows as a side job. An interesting mix up in that dream was that I was the puppet with a string that went down my throat.

2. I had a dream where I was dating someone named John. The dream had something to do with fruit salad and wanting to get back together with him. Since I had previously had a relationship with someone with that name, in the dream I thought it was that previous John. I hadn’t met the new John yet and so I wasn’t able to associate that name with anyone else. When I woke up, I was disturbed about the dream. It seemed impossible because I knew I didn’t want to get back with the previous John and I didn’t particularly like fruit salads.

The reality = Seven months after having that dream, I met someone new with that name. We dated about 8 times and then the relationship faded out. I wished more had developed. On what turned out to be our last date, I went over to his house where we watched a movie, played tennis, and he made us a fruit salad.

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How to Remember Your Dreams

Dreams are a useful way to get answers and insights from your higher self along with getting glimpses of the future. But did you ever wonder why some people remember their dreams every night getting all kinds of information from their higher self while others barely ever remember a dream?

To remember our dreams, we need healthy brain cells and good circulation. It used to be much easier for me when I was young. Now, I have to work at it.

The following suggestions have helped me get back to remembering more dreams but none of  these methods are continually reliable. You gotta keep changing it up.

15  Suggestions for Remembering More Dreams

  • Intention – As for any upcoming activity, expressing your intention brings easier success. Before you fall asleep, tell yourself silently or aloud (with confidence), I will remember the dreams I have tonight.
  • Keep a dream journal and pen nearby so that you can reach them easily when you wake up. If you write down your dreams regularly, your higher self knows you want to know, are willing to listen and is more likely to provide information.
  • Get enough physical exercise, sunshine and fresh air each day.

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My Proof of Precognitive Dreams

We believe what we experience

We only really believe what happens to us individually so that is why I want to share my own story of precognitive dreams and how those dreams convinced me that we can see the future when we dream. When I was young, I remembered my dreams almost every night. Some were very interesting but some were just about things that happened during the day or boys that I liked. I would occasionally have distinct feelings of deja vu. I suspected that it was because I had experienced these events in a dream but it took me a while to prove that.

Dream Journals  image-journals

During my twenties I started keeping a dream journal which I still do today. Having a dream journal helps set the intention to remember your dreams and also you must write the dreams down as soon as possible before the memories of the dreams fade. I write all my dreams down even if they seem insignificant. One time before I left for a three day business trip, I decided to conduct a test. Before I fell asleep, I told myself, I want to dream tonight about what will happen on the trip so I can prove this one way or another. When I returned from the trip, I looked at the dream journal and found many details that were greater than coincidence. I was sold.

How can precognition work?

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