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Tarot Cards – List of Short Meanings

Each of the 78 Tarot Cards can sometimes have dozens of possible meanings based on whether the questions is about romance, career, health, money or family. There are also some minor differences in what different tarot experts believe are the meanings. After several years of research and practice with tarot, I have come up with this list of short (easy to remember) general meanings that I use as the base  for each card.

Regardless of the general list of meanings you use, during a reading, additional information will come from source specifically for the client.

0 Fool Take the risk but watch your stepThere are things you need to address
1 Magician You have what you need Out of touch with reality
2 High Priestess Listen to your intuition not emotion or logicSomething is blocking your higher self
3 EmpressCompassion, peacekeeperDomestic disharmony
4 Emperor Discipline and obeying the rulesBeing irresponsible
5 Hierophant Pursuit of traditional knowledgeThink outside the box
6 Lovers Someone loves you, but you may want to make a different choice Temporary romantic breakup
7 Chariot Get in the Drivers seatDelayed journey
8 StrengthUse honey not vinegarArguments
9 Hermit Take time alone to thinkNeed more social interaction
10 Wheel of FortuneThings are changing fast around youA setback requires you to rethink our original plan
11 Justice Treat people fairly and you will be treated fairlyA feeling of being cheated out of something
12 Hanged ManA sacrificeDon't be stubborn
13 Death Accept the end of a situationBaggage keeps you from moving forward
14 TemperanceCautionWaste
15 DevilSexual desire and passionVictory over your emotions
16 Tower of DestructionA setback causes need to rebuildYou need to strengthen your foundation
17 Star Healing and rebirth is directly aheadLack of faith, illness
18 Moon Don't be deceivedMental health issues
19 Sun A wonderful experience is ahead of youLow energy
20 Judgement You need to listen moreDon't run away from your feelings
21 WorldFreedom to choose a new pathLow self esteem
Ace PentaclesFinancial opportunity, job or increased payFeeling of loss or actual loss
2 PentaclesFind balanceNeed to concentrate on just one thing
3 PentaclesRecognitionNeed to bring people together to resolve something
4 Pentacles Clinging too much (let go)Feeling of jealousy
5 PentaclesLeft to struggle in the cold but not aloneLoneliness is resolved through inner work
6 PentaclesBe generousFeeling of arrogance, not needing anyone
7 Pentacles Don't rest on what you accomplished, still work aheadCarelessness, scattered thoughts
8 PentaclesQuality is important and may be reached with learning new skillsDon't micromanage or be too nearsighted.
9 PentaclesSelf Sufficiency resulting in achievementNeed more self discipline
10 PentaclesMature RelationshipWithout Enthusiasm, need more joy
Page PentaclesFocus on work and financesUnrealistic expectations
Knight of PentaclesGood news about financesDon't procrastinate
Queen PentaclesFaithful relationshipSomeone is a martyr
King PentaclesMaterial needs are metSome you know may not be trustworthy
Ace SwordsNew idea or careerConfusion, infatuation
2 swordsSet strong boundaries with othersRelationship can be revived
3 swords Prepare for disappointment or broken heart ahead if you don't make changes Petty quarrels
4 Swords Rest, do not take action at this timeNeed for action
5 SwordsIts not all about you, care for othersBackstabbing or an argument with no winner
6 SwordsTravelDelays in progress
7 SwordsSecretive, afraid of being trapped, may take wrong action Someone needs encouragement
8 Swords You feel trapped, you can seek helpFreedom will come
9 swords Anxiety you imagine is worse than the realityNo need for change, accept your situation
10 swordsBetrayal or end to relationship or job but pick yourself upYou will get a second chance
Page Swords Stand your groundCritical questions need to be answered
Knight Swords Overcome fear and take action even if out of your comfort zoneA troublemaker
Queen SwordsGet more involvedNeed soft understanding approach (feminine)
King SwordsTrying to analyze too muchStrict controlling behavior
Ace CupsNew loveRelationship is not meeting your needs
2 CupsPerfect understanding between two peopleNot enough chemistry in the relationship
3 CupsFriendshipSomeone is unfaithful
4 cupsYou don't like your choicesReason to hope
5 Cups Don't overlook opportunitiesNeed to recover from emotional wounds
6 Cups Happiness from someone in your past or at a distanceBitter memories
7 CupsNeed to prioritizeIndecision
8 Cups Look for greener pasturesInability to leave a bad situation
9 cups SatisfactionDiscontent, unfulfilled
10 Cups Domestic harmonyBe satisfied and stop seeking a better situation
Page cups Social invitation Childish behavior
Knight Cups Romantic invitation or emotional moveDeception, lack of motivation and even emotional problems
Queen Cups Do not deny your emotionsShallow behavior
King Cups Control your emotionsBeing seen as untrustworthy
Ace Wands Accept what is offeredIdea won't take hold, back to drawing board
2 Wands Completion of contracts and partnership commitments Loss of faith
3 WandsExplore a new pathDon't whine or blame others
4 WandsMarriage or acceptance by friends and familyUpcoming event will need more help than anticipated
5 Wands CompetitionConflict can be beneficial
6 Wands VictoryBe patient, success may be delayed
7 Wands You feel defensive but you are in a strong position to confront fears and obstaclesOthers may be intimidated by you, tone it down
8 Wands Making Progress on the right trackThings are moving forward without you, do you feel left out?
9 Wands Look around, protect yourself and possessionsParanoia
10 Wands Don't burn out on responsibilitiesShow appreciation in order to get more help
Page WandsRestlessDon't be pessimistic or a victim
Knight of WandsMoving house or jobFeel insecure and stuck in a situation
Queen of WandsNeeding attentionActs undependable , not wanting anyone to become dependent.
King WandsNeed to understand people firstIn awkward situation, may be wise to retreat

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Simple Tarot Card Spreads for New Users

Popularity of Tarot

New Age products seem to be gaining in popularity with every year that passes and tarot cards are no exception. Per this Specialty Retail article, consumers spend almost $230 billion per year on New Age products.

There are many unique varieties of tarot decks available today that either advertise a particular theme or contain unique art work. The standard tarot deck has 78 cards; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The 22 major arcana start at 0 for the Fool and end at 21 for the World. The minor arcana have 4 suits; pentacles, swords, wands and cups. The numbering of these are 1 – 10. The minor arcana also include a King, Queen, Knight and Page for each suit.

The best tarot deck to buy is a deck that has unique pictures on “all” the cards not just the major arcana. Some cheaper decks will display story-like pictures for the major arcana but for the minor arcana, they only show simple pictures of 10 cups, 9 wands, 8 swords etc. Without story-like pictures for each of these, it is harder to learn what the minor arcana cards mean. The picture below of 3 minor arcana cards is from a classic popular deck called Ryder Waite.

3-tarot-cardsIt is a challenge for new tarot card users to learn the meanings of 78 cards particularly because a single card has different meanings depending on the category such as;  business, family, love or health. It takes a lot of time to learn how to apply the meanings to your individual questions.

4 Simple Tarot Card Spreads

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Tips on Using a Pendulum to get Answers to Life’s Questions

Hand-holding-pendulumOne of the easiest tools to use for receiving messages from your higher consciousness is the pendulum. Using a pendulum is often referred to as dowsing. Dowsing was performed in ancient times by holding a stick shaped like a large Y and passing it over the ground to find water. The forked ends of the stick would drop down to the ground like a magnet when water was present beneath that area of the ground. But dowsing can also be done to get answers to questions by watching the motion of a pendulum (any object fastened to a string).

Some people recommend crystals (especially quartz) as the best object to attach to the bottom of the string, or metal chain. But you can use any object, for example a ring attached to a necklace chain.

How Does it Work

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