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Our Electro-Magnetic Powers

Our Electro-Magnetic Powers

I think everyone has their own stories to tell about odd happenings with electricity, cell phones, or other electronic appliances. Some people believe these happenings are caused by spirits or ghosts. Others suspect that we are unconsciously causing these events ourselves. The following are my stories.

While dating someone in Florida, the first time he invited me to his house for dinner, the big bulb in the chandelier over his kitchen table blew out. He was surprised and commented that those bulbs usually last for years. For our next date, he came to my house and when I turned on the stereo to play a song, the stereo wouldn’t work. I tried all the buttons. Nothing. I thought it was broken because it was about 20 years old. A few weeks later, I planned to bring it to the repair shop but thought I would try it again, to make sure it was still not working. The retry showed that the stereo was fine and it worked fine for years afterward.

Recently, I had a date with a different guy, here in Texas. He was over for dinner and it was the first time he had been to my house. He suggested that I play some music. I put a CD in the player and it wouldn’t read it. I tried two other CDs. Nothing. I had used the player recently and so I knew it was working fine. As I sat in front of the stereo equipment, I had a mental conversation with the equipment. I told it, I know you are not really broken. Calm down. I waved my arms around it gently to push aside any negative energy. I tried a third CD. This one played fine and it has played fine since then.

I’ve had many similar situations with dates when our cell phones kept losing the signal, watch batteries died and other odd events, but this was the first time I tried to defeat the electrical challenge and surprisingly found success. It tells me something important. This could imply that we, as humans, have abilities to control electrical appliances in a conscious way.

Minds Control Electronic Equipment

As I’ve heard from Steven Greer when he describes advanced extraterrestrial capabilities or as I’ve heard from Daryl Anka channeling Bashar, they say that the operation of their vehicles is done with the mind, rather than by using any dials or buttons. Could it be that we are all on the road to being able to do that ourselves?

And like any new theory, if there is a way to make money on it someone has probably already thought of it. Indeed, it seems possible that Mark Zuckerberg is planning something like this for a future human interface to Facebook using only our minds.

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Spoon Bending – You can do it, too.


The word, psychokinesis, is from two Greek words; mind and movement. It is used to describe the ability to use only your mind to move or affect physical objects. One of the easiest ways to try your own hand at this, is by trying to bend a stainless steel spoon.

At the Irva 2016 conference in New Orleans we had a spoon bending party. It was a simple Friday evening get together, the attendees and a large tray of assorted stainless steel flatware. We each grabbed a spoon, fork or other type of metal cutlery and went to our seats. Angela Smith talked us through it. She told us the utensil would get warm and there would be approximately 30 seconds available to bend or twist it into the shape we desired.

About 20 years ago, I had tried spoon bending and was able to do it on my own and so I was fairly confident that I could do it again. I wasn’t sure if a spoon might be too easy, especially if it has a thin neck and so I tried to find what looked like a solidly made fork.

The first thing you want to do with your object of choice is to try to bend it cold to ensure that initially it feels solid and well-made. You want to know that you will be achieving something with your mind that you can’t do with your hand and brute force.

Then it’s time to concentrate. I think it helps to gently rub the area that you want to bend.
You want to connect your mind with the metal object. Be at one with it. Open your heart
chakra. It took about 5 minutes before the first participant called out success and held up
their bent object. Others slowly followed suit. It seemed that about 85% of the participants
were successful.

If you are holding the area of the object that you want to bend, you will know immediately
when it warms and softens so that you can quickly bend and twist it. And then you will notice that it hardens again and you can no longer bend it.

Was this a skill that humans have always had? Is it possible to do greater things with the
mind? Was it this type of skill that enabled the movement of the large stones that were put
together to build the great pyramids in Egypt? Grab a fork, try it yourself and see.