Joy of Blissful Expression


“The true measure of success is joy.”
by Abraham Hicks

This site is about finding and expressing bliss. One of the ways I do that is through art. Creating something from nothing is exciting and fulfilling. My creations are available for purchase by clicking on Store in the menu bar above.

The blog area of this website is the place for inspirational articles and discussions about the magic and the mysteries of life. Don’t you feel that we have more than enough negative articles on television and the internet? I believe in the Law of Attraction, so my intention is to write positive and blissful articles and also provide you with links to others doing the same.

If you hold a conch shell to your ear, you hear the subtle sound of the ocean. Inspiration comes that way also; in a subtle whisper that you won’t hear unless you are open and available to the message.

Magic is something we can’t explain through our laws of science. Some might call it the paranormal. But if you ask, it seems that most people have experienced something in their lives that felt special and yet could not be explained rationally. These memories stay with us because they help us feel like there is meaning to our lives. Sometimes these are unexplained connections to others or experiences from people who have passed from the world. These could be odd forces of nature, or odd coincidences. But when we share these experiences with others, it brings the people of the world together and beyond any petty grievances.